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Bulk Up Blog is a great source of impartial and honest bulking up information on the web. It was started by one guy who for a long time had been trying to add some bulk to his frame, with a multitude of contradicting information on the web  it was hard to find real quality information on the subject. So he decided to set up this website BulkUpBlog.com and point others to things that worked for him.

On this site I share information found which is assisting me in my goal to pack on some size to my frame, nothing dodgy, and no backing by any major supplement companies. just simple notes put into one easy and convenient location for you… right here!

None of the products written about on this site is sold by me directly, however I do receive a small commission for some of the items when purchased by my visitors.

I’ll be keeping up to date with products and methods to help others reach the goal that I am trying to reach so be sure to check back regularly and see my latest offerings!