Bulking is the process used by guys and gals who want to increase muscle mass and strength. This is the phase of bodybuilding in which a person’s daily diet is adjusted so more calories are being consumed than are burned off. The result is a calorie surplus that eventually leads to weight gain. The combination of the bulking process and working out will eventually lead to gains in size, muscle mass and strength.

The process of bulking may sound easy, but the process can actually be quite difficult. One reason is a lot of people can have a hard time gaining weight. This is often due to a high metabolism and a lack of clean food to put on increased mass. The average person can only consume so much in a day and various foods with a low calorie counts will make bulking much more difficult.

The Dirty Bulk…

People who eat anything without regard to quality are doing a dirty bulk. This is when people will eat an assortment of junk food and high calorie foods in the hopes of gaining mass. If the goal is to see gains in weight, then a dirty bulk will typically do the trick. However, there are various pros and cons that people need to consider when considering using this approach to bulking.

should I you dirty bulk bulking

Dirty Bulking – Pros

* Eating a burger, a whole pizza, and a lot of fried chicken is an easy way to consume many calories to gain weight. Some of the items available at fast food restaurants can easily provide thousands of calories. The consumption of fast foods means maintaining a calorie surplus will not be difficult. Some might see this as an easier approach to bulking as clean foods often have minimal calories.


* Dirty bulking may also be cheaper than clean bulking as fast food is typically cheaper compared to healthy food. The time and energy that is needed for clean bulking is not needed for dirty bulking as the only goal is to eat a lot of food to see an increase in calories.

Dirty Bulking – Cons

* Eating foods with the goal of maintaining a calorie surplus will eventually lead to a buildup of fat which people need to quantify. The amount of fat a person needs will vary and eating foods with no regard to calorie counts can have downsides. If your calorie increase is significantly more than what you burn in a day, then an increase in fat is inevitable.

* Many people who are new to bodybuilding might not know the amount of muscle that a person is able to put on each week is limited. This means eating more calories than a person can turn into muscle will lead to increased fat in the body. If you are looking to minimize fat gains, then eating fast food and other high calorie foods with no regard to quantity is not a good idea.

should I you dirty bulk bulking

* The most important thing to know about dirty bulking is the approach is not healthy. People working on a healthy lifestyle will not benefit from trying the dirty bulk approach to see gains. Fast food selections in a variety of locations contain virtually no nutrients, have high levels of sodium and saturated fats. If you are consuming too much fast food, then your body will eventually suffer long-term. The lack of protein in a lot of these foods means you will be missing out on an important compound when bulking.

* You are what you eat means a lot when dirty bulking. This means eating crappy food will be the reason you often feel sluggish and lack energy. People will typically feel better overall when consuming foods which are healthy and nutritious.

A Balanced Approach

If you are considering dirty bulking for gains, then this should really be a small part of the process. The best thing to do is an 80/20 approach. This is where you are getting 80 percent of your daily calories from foods that are clean and 20 percent from high calorie or dirty foods.

People who want to bulk and add to their gains will need to adjust their diet. If you are someone who is not interested in eating fatty foods, then look for healthier foods with high calories. The best option is to make homemade meals using organic ingredients instead of store bought products. One food that will provide an ideal source of calories is nuts. You can also find organic peanut butter that is calorie dense.

Have you dirty bulked? Was it worth it? Let us know in the comments below.