does the gomad diet work

If you are wanting to bulk and build muscle in a safe and healthy manner, then the GOMAD diet may be a good way for you to get healthy and have the body you have always dreamed of.

What is the GOMAD Diet all about?

GOMAD stands for Gallon Of Milk A Day, and part of this diet, as you may have guessed, is drinking a gallon a day to help you achieve your fitness goals. Drinking milk is only part of the program, however. The GOMAD diet includes all of the following:

*Drinking a gallon of whole milk a day; this alone will give you about 2,400 calories daily to help you put on
those pounds.

*Eating every three hours: this regimen should include breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as meals after each workout
and before you go to bed.

*Being sure to get into a regular weight-lifting routine: Most importantly including squats, to help build up your muscle in numerous areas.

*Weighing in regularly and recording your progress in a journal to keep track of how far your have come in
achieving your bulking goals

The bulking benefits of this diet include an increase in weight, an increase in muscle from the protein in the milk as well
as the workouts, an increase in testosterone which is stimulated by the saturated fat in the milk and an increase in insulin, a hormone which can also help build muscles.

The GOMAD is considered safer and more natural than body-building diets that rely on a lot of supplements or steroids to achieve bulking goals and milk is easy to digest, easy to access and much less expensive than other diet aids.

does the gomad diet work

My experience of the GOMAD

I did the GOMAD myself about a year ago way before this site ever existed, and today I am no longer on it, I stayed on it for a month straight I cant remember accurately what my weight numbers were exactly because at the time I wasnt taking note., but family members and colleagues around 2 weeks into it commented that I was looking a lot beefier. My face looked wider and my chest and arms filled up nicely.

Positives and Negatives

Here are some positives and negatives I recall making a note of while I was doing the GOMAD.


It works – What more can I say, if you stick to this it can and will work for you, no two ways about it. I saw a definite difference in my appearance with it.

Energy was higher – During my time on the GOMAD I noticed my energy levels were good. I was able to workout for longer and on some mornings I would wake up and go about my day without feeling the need for a morning coffee. I think the nutrients in milk built up in my system and did something to me. Much better feeling than Red Bull.

Money – Doing the GOMAD was cheap. Compared to buying supplements.  I remember being doubtful of it working at the start but then I thought well this costs next to nothing so if it doesn’t work my monthly budget wont be affected too harshly



Toilet breaks – Definitely. The trick with the GOMAD diet is to think ahead. Don’t drink a large glass of milk before heading off somewhere that doesn’t have a toilet close by. So I would not just spread my milk intake out evenly through the day but I would make sure I am not drinking milk before taking a long motorway journey for example. Just make sure that you know where the toilets are located.


A few provisos

If you are embarking on this diet I would recommend you to keep track of your numbers, weigh yourself weekly and see what happens, that is one thing I wish I had done because even though I saw a massive change I wish I had kept log of the numbers.

Another thing- when you start seeing your weight go up don’t get complacent and think that you don’t need to be doing your weight training because you do. High calorie diets without physical training will just turn you into a fat person. Remember that.

My answer to the question “Does the GOMAD diet work?” is yes, it does work but there’s more to it than just guzzling milk.


Don’t forget to comment – I am really interested to know of your experiences with the GOMAD. Are you thinking of starting? Are you currently on it? I’d love to know.