Let me tell you a little story about how squats ruined my wardrobe: I had always been criticised how skinny my legs were. In fact, my girlfriend used to joke that it looked like I was walking on two tooth picks. Well that was the last straw for me. I was going to do something about my skinny legs if it killed me.

So it began…

I began reading fitness magazines to get some idea of what it would take to man-up my skinny legs. One article talked about how this guy was able to transform his physique by concentrating on the parts that needed the most work. That idea really appealed to me since I figured there was nothing wrong with the rest of my body, just the leg region.

So, off I went and shelled out a hundred bucks for a new set of weights and went back over this guy’s instructions to make sure I would be doing it all right. Then, I set out developing a regimen to transform my puny legs.

Then one day my girlfriend came over and saw the weights I had bought and began to laugh. Needless to say I got angry, but that anger only fuelled my determination. I worked out every day doing a series of squats and deadlifts and I could feel the exercises working. In fact, my workout routine began to work a little too well.

Looked like this.

My legs began to get thicker and thicker and I began having a hard time fitting into my jeans… When I did fit into my jeans I couldn’t walk around for long amounts of time. My thighs would rub sometimes causing a rash and eventually I’d have holes in the thigh area due to the constant rubbing wearing down the material of the jeans! Meaning I would have to think ahead before going out anywhere asking myself questions such as “will my plans involve walking around a lot? If so, maybe I’ll wear jogging bottoms.”

My girlfriend, however, thought the tighter fit made me look sexier, so continued the workout routine. As my legs grew thicker, I found myself having to buy larger size pants. Where would this end? I should’ve quit right then, but I had gotten so used to working out that I was doing it automatically, it was my routine. I actually felt guilty with myself if I didn’t workout. You could say it became an addiction, a positive addiction.

My legs had grown to the size of tree stumps and one of them was almost as big around as my waist. So, I found myself having to buy pants that were far too large and then have my girlfriend take them in at the waist with the sewing machine she hardly used. She then said she didn’t know why I chose to lift weights in the first place, and I quote; “there’s nothing wrong with your legs.” Unbelievable! That’s it, I said. No more squats and dead lifts for me. So, I got rid of the weights and swore off weight training forever.

Unfortunately, however, the mass that my legs had put on didn’t go away when I quit working out. In fact, they may have continued to get bigger. I had already thrown away all my old pants and my girlfriend was getting tired of sewing. So, I began searching for online retailers who specialized in custom fitted pants for men with my condition. Luckily, I was able to find one, so I starting having all my pants specially made.

I no longer do squats and deadlifts so some of the thickness seems to be fading away. This means that in addition to the money I’ve lost on the clothes that I threw away, plus the money I spent on larger pants, I will have to add the cost of buying regular pants should my leg size return to normal.

…And that is how squats ruined my wardrobe.


Darren Martins. bulkupbog.com