how to bulk without getting fat

It seems many men are confused about how to bulk without getting fat. They make the mistake of thinking they need to bulk for up to a year before they begin to cut their muscles by working out, but that is not the best way to bulk.

The fact of the matter is that bulking is about more than just getting bigger. When men bulk without building muscle, the bulk they achieve will consist of more fat than muscle. That is what happens when one concentrates on eating more calories before one concentrates on building muscle. A regular workout routine is the only way to build up muscle. A good strengthening workout routine will also build up your appetite.

It is possible to bulk without getting fat.

When you put your muscles through an intense routine, you will build up muscle without gaining extra fat. If you think of bulking as an extra phase, you will end up with more fat than muscle.

An Arnold Classic body builder I recently spoke to confided to me that he used to use the bulk before cutting cycle to build himself up before every competition but has found that it is more of a hassle than a help. Now that the competition is over, he is faced with the task of losing all the extra fat.

The truth is that whether he were to start out weighing 230 pounds and gain 10 pounds or start out closer to 300 and then lose 60 pounds, he would end up weighing 240 pounds.

It makes much more sense to start out closer to his goal than to have to take off pounds and pounds of extra fat in order to be fit after bulking up in order to achieve the desired physique.

For most males, working out intensely will cause a dramatic increase in appetite. The harder you work out, the more calories you will burn, and your body will typically demand more food. When you eat extra amounts of protein and then do not make up for those extra calories by building muscle, even protein calories will store on the body as fat.

how to bulk without getting fat

Your Main Focus

In discovering how to bulk without getting fat, your first goal should be to pay attention to your hunger, which will change as you exercise and begin to build up muscle.

Here is a rundown of the process using daily calories as an example: If your average daily calorie consumption is around 2,000 and then you begin to work out, you will probably start to feel hungry and as you continue to improve your fitness levels, you will find that you are feeling even more hungry. You may start to feel as though your hunger cannot be satisfied, no matter how much food you put into your body. You won’t have to feel as though you must make yourself eat as exercising will cause you to feel like eating more.

For example, let’s say that when you begin to eat more to satisfy your hunger, you increase your food intake by another 400 calories. This extra 400 calories will be mostly carbohydrates and some extra protein. Your body will use the extra calories for daily energy, workout fuel, and repair during sleep.

The most valuable way to divide your calories is to get 50 percent of them from complex carbs, 35 percent from protein, and 15 percent from fat. Carbohydrates are your fuel for your daily activities, workouts, and repair. The protein calories will concentrate on bulking up your muscles.

How to Bulk Without Getting Fat – Eat Your Carbs

When it comes to building muscle and being fit, carbohydrates are not the bad guys. Carbohydrates are your body’s source of energy. Carbohydrates work with proteins to repair and build up muscle fibers. The best way to view carbs are as fuel for achieving your main goal of physical health and fitness.

Don’t be concerned with the bulking/cutting/losing cycle. If you want to improve your health and physique, you do not have to weigh in at a particular weight. Whether you feel fine with the weight you are, wish to lose some fat, or want to gain some weight by gaining muscle, high-intensity workouts are the answer to how to bulk without getting fat. To bulk up those muscles without putting on the fat, you have to combine eating with exercise. This is true for women, too. Don’t men and women look best with plenty of muscle and a small amount of fat?

Shape and Build – No matter what your size

Men who have lost weight and are feeling fine with their size may still want to shape and build their muscles. Some may feel the need to firm and sculpt their abs. None of those goals are achievable without committing to exercising at high intensity several times a week. This burns calories, increases the appetite, causing you to consume the nutrients you need to build up those muscles.

When you concentrate on intense workouts rather than bulking with food, you will naturally eat more, gain muscle, lose fat, and achieve your goal of improving your body without bothering with the endless cycle of gaining and losing fat.